"We lived overseas for the past 25 years and we decided to move back to the U.S."

Read the Roberts' family story about their experience with Joy Bean and what advice they have for you.


The Roberts' had lived overseas for the past 25 years and they decided to move back to the United States because of their son's age. Their family chose California for a mix of professional and personal reasons but they also wanted to be in a community that shared the same values they did. They fell in love with the city of Santa Barbara. In August 2019 they relocated to the Santa Barbara area in hopes of starting their new journey. They had decided they were going to buy existing or build new and their original idea was to build an environmentally sound home from start to finish. Unfortunately, the area did not have building options because of various environmental problems.

Why Joy Bean?

When Julia and her family were searching Santa Barbara they came across one single land lot they loved and it was in a great location. They thought it would be perfect to build their dream home here. The listing agent for this property was Joy Bean. Joy met the Roberts' several times and immediately wowed them. Instead of trying to pitch them on the lot she talked them through the area's concerns and all the options they had in Santa Barbara. From that moment on Julia felt confident in trusting Joy as their advisor. They decided to pivot and look at existing homes instead. Joy threw herself completely into their search and she followed up with their family all the time. From sending them options to inviting them to open houses, to driving them to view homes all over the area. From August/September until they found their home in November, Joy was with them every step of the way. 

"Joy is stellar--first in class. She provided steady, expert guidance, unwavering support, and outstanding professionalism throughout the process of purchasing our new home"

What Was Noteworthy?

It was hard for their family to give up the idea of building their new home. They had to make the hard decision of staying in the area or leaving for somewhere else they could build. They also had definite ideas on home design and what they were ultimately looking for. Their family had to choose between purchasing a higher-priced home with fewer opportunities to renovate or a lower-priced home with room to renovate. When they did find what they thought was a good value and also had space to renovate, they made an offer. They soon found out the home was a "flipper" which came with its own set of requirements. There was an extensive amount of decision-making to do. They could never have navigated this process so seamlessly without Joy.

How Was Joy Bean Different?

Home buying can be stressful, and yet Joy alleviated so much of the usual pressure. They valued how calm and completely available she was at any time. Joy greeted every call, question, email or text with friendliness, patience, care, and deep respect. We could not have asked for better support, and feel like we gained a close friend in the process. Julia was even in Bangkok for a week traveling and they were still able to work out communication each day. It was clear to their family how extensively Joy knew her business and how invaluable her expertise was. Her value increased, even more, when they made their offer on the home. They felt that Joy was truly their protector. From working with the lenders and contractors to her knowledge of the codes and compliance needed to keep them safe. She delivered on every level. 

Julia's Advice to You

If you're considering buying your home, my advice would be to 

"Look outside of what you think. You don't have to be in Downtown Santa Barbara to find happiness in Santa Barbara. Let Joy Bean help you figure out where you want to live."

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