Client Words of Appreciation

Dear Joy, Selling an estate beach house is very challenging. Our home, built by our grandparents, was the center of our family for more than 60 years. It was an emotional and complex process which took time and patience.

Your guidance and insight was critical in helping us determine the right asking price. The other realtors we interviewed merely guessed at the value of the home. You did extensive research and with your in-depth market knowledge and understanding of our target buyer, you came up with the right value. You developed several strategies for pricing, branding and marketing the property. In the end, the strategy you recommended worked well and importantly, the final sale was nearly 30% higher than previously estimated by other realtors I interviewed.

Your background as a marketing executive and training as an interior designer proved to be invaluable as we prepared the house for sale. We followed your recommendations in paint colors, selective remodeling and most importantly, the hiring of a top stager.

The marketing you created was first class and frankly beautiful. You hired a Hollywood director at a very reasonable cost, to produce a video that was much more than a tour; it conveyed the stunning beauty of living in our house on the ocean. The video was instrumental in selling the home at the price we were seeking.

You worked tirelessly on showing the house, and in handling every aspect of inspections, negotiations, contracts and problem-solving. Whenever I questioned the marketing strategy, you used facts and research to persuade me that your point of view was correct. Your extensive knowledge of real estate, the sales process and all of the issues from taxes to county zoning laws was invaluable, and in the end, correct.

Many sellers don't follow the advice of their realtor, but I did. You proved yourself to be one of the best professionals I've worked with in the last 30 years. Your expertise, your proactive communication with us and your integrity places you head and shoulders above all of the realtors I have met and worked with. In addition to your expertise, you were a lot of fun to work with! I am happy to be a reference for you anytime and cannot recommend you highly enough.

- David Bennett